Combine online courses
with real life practice!

If you have been struggling to improve your English speaking and understanding, it is time to step it up and combine self-led, proactive online study with real life small group workshops.

Online Courses

900 Kč


Learn how to use conditionals effectively!
900 Kč


Learn to use English effectively in negotiations!

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Saturday Courses

Kadence Blocks provides a powerful row/layout block that makes building dynamic responsive layouts possible with Gutenberg! Build with powerful backgrounds, overlays, and row dividers.

Weekend Courses

Kadence Blocks provides a unique advanced heading block that allows you to assign any google font right in Gutenberg. Plus you can adjust sizing and control it responsively based on screen size.

Online Courses

Kadence Blocks provides a smart icons block that allows you to choose from over 1500 icons. You can set the size and style  then add inline so you’re only ever loading the icons you use on the front end.