British School Experience

From September to June

Experience life in a British school. Courses are written and designed to meet the needs of your students

LanguageUK Junior English Courses take place at the Abbey School in Faversham. The course is available for school groups from September to the end of April.  For groups interested in coming for a course in the summer, please contact us.

The Abbey school is a British State school for 12 to 18-year-old pupils.

The school describes itself as a vibrant school offering exciting opportunities to their students whatever their ability. The Abbey school have welcomed LanguageUK and see this partnership as a valuable opportunity and experience for both British and foreign students.

Wherever possible, both LanguageUK and the Abbey School will aim to work alongside each other and try to encourage the students to meet. Every day the LanguageUK students will eat in the school canteen alongside the British school pupils.

Other possibilities with the Abbey school may include attending a school assembly, taking part in a school sports activity or a lesson. What we are able to organise is subject to the Abbey School’s timetable and holiday periods.

Designed For

School groups aged between 13 and 16, and of any nationality and language level, from Elementary to Advanced.

Course facts
Course start datesAny Monday from September to June
Course duration6 days to 2 weeks
English levelElementary plus
Minimum age13 to 16 years
Group size35 maximum
Course structure
Weekly lessons
The students can study from a choice of lessons relating to:
British school life
Aspects of British culture
History and information related to the trips and activities the students will attend

All lessons will focus on communication, encouraging the students to improve their fluency skills, particularly speaking and listening skills. The students will study elements of British culture through class workshops and project work relating to some of the activities and events outside class time. This not only provides an opportunity to recycle new language, but also creates a focus and task through which to practise it.

Throughout their project work the students will also practise and develop other useful skills, such as conducting research, designing surveys, analysing and presenting data, taking part in role plays and producing different writing genres.

Integration with the Abbey School pupils
The students will be given an opportunity to meet and work with the Abbey School pupils. Examples of this are as follows:

One workshop per week.
A school tour by the Abbey school pupils followed by a question and answer session.
Meeting in the school canteen everyday.
Please note: The amount of time spent with the Abbey school pupils does depend on the restrictions of the weekly curriculum at the school and the availability of the Abbey school teaching staff.

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