IELTS Exam Preparation

The IELTS Intensive preparation course at LanguageUK is designed to improve your scores in all parts of the test. Your teacher will help you with exam techniques and academic English for maximising your score. Particular attention will be paid to improving your skills in writing and reading as we understand that these components can be the most challenging at this level. Throughout this course you will also be given the opportunity to take IELTS Practice tests which will help you and your teacher monitor your progress. You will also be given the option to take the IELTS exam in the UK at the end of the course.

What level do you need to join this course? We recommend this course only for students with a level B1+ (Intermediate Plus) . For students with levels A1 to B1 we recommend you take the General English course in the morning and the IELTS afternoon option.

Designed For

IELTS is ideal for students- ranging in ability from  Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1)- who need to achieve a a band grade level 5 to 7.5 and who wish to :

  • Start a degree or masters programme at a university in the UK or an English-taught degree course abroad
  • Work in professional fields such as the medical profession and need to have the IELTS in order to apply for work
Course facts
Course start datesAny Monday
Course duration1 week plus
English levelB1 plus
Class hours23 hours per week
Minimum age17+years. 16+ at the discretion of the school
Class size10 maximum
School ClosedChristmas Break: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th December 2020
Course Structure
Days of the WeekMorning SessionAfternoon Session
Monday to Thursday09:30 to 13:0014.15 to 16.30
Friday09:00 to 13:00afternoon free
Morning break 11:00 to 11:30
Lunch break 13:00 to 14:15
Afternoon break 15:15 to 15:30


During the course we will focus on the exam components that you need help with and this could include:

  1. Essential exam strategies and techniques for each component in the IELTS exam
  2. Learn to develop autonomy
  3. Carry out structured exam practice
  4. Writing skills required in formal and academic contexts
  5. Listening comprehension and taking notes
  6. Speed reading and reading comprehension
  7. Speaking skill in both general and formal context

You can decide on how many weeks you would like to take your IELTS course for.  We are happy to arrange a telephone or SKYPE interview prior to your course starting. We might also ask you to produce some written work before the course starts .  We can give you advice on how many weeks study would be suitable for you.

Learning Outcomes

Example Of Learning Outcomes

An example of Learning outcomes given to a B1 student at languageUK at the beginning of his course:

ReadingLearning outcomes
  • To be able to read short informative texts and understand the gist.
  • To be able to analyse a topic sentence and make predictions.
  • To have a portfolio of texts with a vocabulary file.
  • To record KEY vocabulary from the texts.
Learner training
  • To spend a minimum of 20 minutes a day reading short informative texts (3 per week)
  • To record and keep a record of key vocabulary from the texts

Writing part 1Learning outcomes
  • To be able to analyse data recorded on a table/chart or diagram verbally using simple vocabulary to describe movements/trends.
  • To produce short sentences to describe the above.
Writing part 2Learning outcomes
  • To be able to analyse a typical question and to discuss verbally.
  • To be able to write short sentences using phrases to compare and contrast.
Learner training
  • To keep a short diary between student and teacher (approximately 50 to 100 words per day).

SpeakingLearning outcomes
  • To  be able to speak fluently on personal information
  • To be able to read and perform a simple “individual turn” as in part two of the speaking test.

ListeningLearning outcomes
  • To be able to listen, understand the gist and discuss in brief an IELTS listening text.
  • To understand and transcribe numbers from an IELTS listening text
Learner training
  • To “tune into” BBC radio 4 on a regular basis, even if it is in the background!  Hearing is as important as listening!

GrammarLearning outcomes
  • To consolidate simple A2/B1 grammar structures
Learner training
  • Purchase a copy of Murphy “English Grammar in Use” – Intermediate
What's Included?
Included with tuition fees
All tuition
Free exam practice tests
Monthly tutorial with the Director of Studies for students attending for more than four weeks
End-of-Course Certificate of Achievement and proof of English level
Free WiFi access throughout the school
Free use of kitchen facilities to prepare lunch if required


Not included with tuition fees
Bank charges
 Travel and airport transfer
Examination entry fees if required
Registration Fee

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