Private English Courses

From September to June
Our Private English Courses offer 1 to1 programmes for individual students and are tailored exclusively to the needs of the student and taught on an intensive basis (full time) or can be combined with the Standard General English programme as an afternoon option.

Designed For

These 1-to-1 courses are designed for students who wish to make rapid progress and who need specific training for professional or academic reasons. The course is also perfect for students with very little English knowledge. Each course is specifically-designed to meet the requirements of the individual, and the language level ranges from Beginner to Advanced.

Private Tuition is available full-time or can be combined with the Standard English course as an afternoon option.

Previous Courses with private students have focused on the following:
IELTS preparation for university or the medical profession
Presentation practice in preparation to give a seminar or talk at a sales conference
Help with academic writing, particularly for MA students
Technical report writing
Helping Beginner or Elementary students to progress faster

Course facts
Course start datesAny Monday during the winter season
Course durationOn request
School closedChristmas Break: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th December 2020
English levelBeginner to Advanced
Class hours15 or 23 hours per week
Minimum age17+years. 16+ at the discretion of the school
Class size1 student (pairs or small groups on request)
CoursebookFree if applicable
Course structure
Days of the WeekMorning SessionAfternoon Session
Monday to Thursday09:30 – 13:0014:15 – 16.30
Friday09:00 – 13:00afternoon free
Morning break 11:00 – 11:15
Lunch break 13:00 to 14:15
Afternoon break 15:15 to 15:30

Private tuition at LanguageUK focuses on the specific needs and requirements of each individual student.

The items below are some of the topics covered on past courses:

  1. Presentation skills including awareness of audience, speech delivery, appropriate pronunciation and use of intonation, and effective use of language
  2. Writing emails
  3. Using the telephone effectively in business
  4. Vocabulary development in specific professional areas such as English for finance, English for marketing and sales
  5. Business meetings in the multi-national board room
  6. Networking and socialising for work
  7. IELTS for the medical profession
  8. IGCSE English practice
  9. Writing essays for the IB
  10. Preparing for the TOLES exam

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